Berühmte Personen aus Braunschweig

– Günter Mast
– Konrad Koch
– Carl Friedrich Gauß

TU Braunschweig in Zahlen

– über 20.000 Studierende
– mehr als 120 Institute
– 6 Fakultäten
– Gründungsjahr 1745


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European Students of Indurstrial Engeneering and Management

ESTIEM is the organisation for European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM), who combine technological understanding with management skills. Our goal is to establish and foster relations between students across Europe and to support them in their personal and professional development.

Local Groups are independently-functioning IEM student associations from the respective university. Local Groups have two target groups, namely their local members and the Europe-wide members of ESTIEM.For their local members, a Local Group occasionally organises activities ranging from company visits to case studies and social events.

Besides these activities for local members, Local Groups also organise events open for all members of ESTIEM. These events are mostly weeklong, have 20 to 30 participants and everything from housing to activities is arranged by the Local Group.


Member universities
Events per year

A network of open-minded students 

with a professional approach”

When we founded ESTIEM 25 years ago, I couldn’t imagine the signi cant impact that this event would have on my life. The continuous e ort to align

ideas with people from di erent cultures and backgrounds created a strong sense for collaboration opportunities across any borders, physical and mentally. It has become the red threat of my career across 3 continents in a global corporation. This sense I still see in many ESTIEM students today. It distinguishes the open minded and self driven personalities that use ESTIEM as playground to hone their skills and extend their horizon. I hope that many students can see this opportunity and make ESTIEM an active part of their life.

Christoph Hagedorn, Founder of ESTIEM President & CEO Continental Japan